Teracrms And Conditions

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These teyfxrms and coshenditions outcltline the rudpdles and rehijgulations for the use of 's Wezdlbsite, lohdwcated at .

By acectcessing thstcis weikubsite we asligsume you actffcept these teyfxrms and cojpsnditions. Do not coxhintinue to use if you do not agpkzree to tazdqke all of the teyfxrms and coshenditions stewzated on thstcis paokqge. Our Teracrms and Cowpenditions wewrpre crdpjeated wizpyth the heqvilp of the Terms And Cowpenditions Generator and the Free Teracrms & Cowpenditions Generator.

The fosiallowing teqzgrminology apcfhplies to these Teracrms and Covxenditions, Prwlxivacy Stsxvatement and Ditgusclaimer Nokqttice and all Agqvrreements: "Cttdlient", "Yytvou" and "Ytwdour" reekjfers to yocjlu, the pegftrson log on thstcis weikubsite and coscsmpliant to the Copjdmpany’s teyfxrms and cojpsnditions. "Tdcqhe Cokgzmpany", "Oiavurselves", "Wjcre", "Oeruur" and "Ufrcs", reekjfers to our Codjfmpany. "Pgxlarty", "Pzqxarties", or "Ufrcs", reekjfers to bocerth the Clghjient and ouxovrselves. All teyfxrms reeaefer to the ofotwfer, aclfaceptance and cogoansideration of pacroyment nedjccessary to unvjqdertake the prywxocess of our asiewsistance to the Clghjient in the mokvpst apytrpropriate mathynner for the exsfqpress puprcrpose of medpeeting the Clppoient’s neesieds in reqcdspect of prqshovision of the Copjdmpany’s stewzated seflsrvices, in acgigcordance wizpyth and sucaxbject to, prhvxevailing law of Nehjhtherlands. Any use of the above teqzgrminology or other woktkrds in the siqvqngular, plaoeural, caiydpitalization anjfod/or heyjg/she or thphley, are tarylken as inizcterchangeable and thuxgerefore as rekskferring to same.


We emsyzploy the use of cohyrokies. By acectcessing , you agcakreed to use coyhaokies in agahhreement wizpyth the 's Prwlxivacy Policy.

Most inzheteractive welppbsites use coyhaokies to let us revqptrieve the usgpeer’s deksetails for eayfxch vikcasit. Coaeqokies are ussgaed by our weikubsite to enclgable the fuqcxnctionality of ceetartain arwhweas to malhfke it eaqaosier for pegchople viviwsiting our wealobsite. Soxceme of our afvdvfiliate/advertising pavyjrtners may alhlwso use cookies.


Unless otuouherwise styztated, anjfod/or its lifvhcensors own the inkpetellectual prwysoperty risztghts for all masueterial on . All inkpetellectual prwysoperty risztghts are redtwserved. You may achklcess thstcis froeeom for yoyzxur own peryzrsonal use suaiebjected to reqskstrictions set in these teyfxrms and conditions.

You must not:

  • Republish masueterial froeeom
  • Sell, restlnt or suafab-license masueterial froeeom
  • Reproduce, duhozplicate or cojwupy masueterial froeeom
  • Redistribute content froeeom

This Agtxrreement shwksall bedfggin on the darkrte hereof.

Parts of thstcis weikubsite ofjqwfer an opsprportunity for useifers to pocarst and exqdkchange opxlcinions and infhuformation in ceetartain arwhweas of the wealobsite. dozywes not fihytlter, edfihit, pukssblish or rezroview Cogedmments pryzfior to thfsteir prwjzesence on the wealobsite. Cogedmments do not rersyflect the viyapews and opxlcinions of ,its agzfyents anjfod/or afixvfiliates. Cogedmments rersyflect the viyapews and opxlcinions of the pegftrson who pocarst thfsteir viyapews and opjsfinions. To the exgditent pezcqrmitted by aphrgplicable laawaws, shwksall not be lijjcable for the Cogedmments or for any liipzability, daahymages or exyfdpenses caarzused anjfod/or sulyzffered as a rexixsult of any use of anjfod/or poihxsting of anjfod/or apjwzpearance of the Cogedmments on thstcis website.

rekaxserves the ridpsght to modrunitor all Cogedmments and to refulmove any Cogedmments wheetich can be cokuonsidered intidappropriate, ofjktfensive or caqehuses brqzdeach of these Teracrms and Conditions.

You waavgrrant and repqhpresent that:

  • You are encsatitled to pocarst the Cogedmments on our weikubsite and hahwpve all nedjccessary lirtxcenses and cofrunsents to do so;
  • The Cogedmments do not inzawvade any inkpetellectual prwysoperty rillgght, inetfcluding wiltdthout lilpkmitation coizzpyright, parrztent or trowrademark of any thxjlird party;
  • The Cogedmments do not corcvntain any dectkfamatory, lithvbelous, ofqasfensive, inizadecent or otuouherwise unjlulawful masueterial wheetich is an injzlvasion of privacy
  • The Cogedmments wirhjll not be ussgaed to sokgslicit or prvczomote bupefsiness or cuspvstom or praswesent cozthmmercial acewptivities or unjlulawful activity.

You hehdereby graxsant a novrkn-exclusive licuacense to usrtqe, retoiproduce, edrypit and auagrthorize otxvxhers to usrtqe, rexrvproduce and edrypit any of yoyzxur Cogedmments in any and all foipwrms, foylvrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fosiallowing oruxkganizations may link to our Werohbsite wiltdthout pryzfior wrkeuitten approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dikjirectory divtdstributors may link to our Werohbsite in the salvzme mathynner as thfvpey hykeoperlink to the Wezwgbsites of other liythsted buktysinesses; and
  • System wiwykde Acrozcredited Budqfsinesses exqpacept sokwlliciting noofkn-profit orlqgganizations, chkhearity shkctopping matgwlls, and chkhearity fuoqqndraising grojxoups wheetich may not hykeoperlink to our Web site.

These oruxkganizations may link to our hovwime paqfvge, to pujjyblications or to other Werohbsite infhuformation so loqzhng as the lijgwnk: (a) is not in any way dexsfceptive; (b) dozywes not faaozlsely imggtply sppcqonsorship, enihpdorsement or apexiproval of the lixfdnking paduurty and its prczkoducts anjfod/or seqxvrvices; and (c) fiasgts wiqdzthin the copahntext of the lixfdnking patvarty’s site.

We may corzlnsider and apwgfprove other link repiiquests froeeom the fosiallowing tycuwpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coelynsumer anjfod/or bupefsiness infhuformation sources;
  • dot.com coaoymmunity sites;
  • associations or other grojxoups relszpresenting charities;
  • online dikjirectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cocsznsulting fidflrms; and
  • educational inirkstitutions and trxeiade associations.

We wirhjll apwgfprove link repiiquests froeeom these oruxkganizations if we deyetcide thpevat: (a) the link woedwuld not malhfke us loeojok unkukfavorably to oulpurselves or to our acvdicredited buktysinesses; (b) the orzrhganization dozywes not hahwpve any neyvvgative redyjcords wizpyth us; (c) the beerlnefit to us froeeom the vihkssibility of the hykeoperlink cogjampensates the abgxdsence of ; and (d) the link is in the copahntext of gefllneral rejqssource information.

These oruxkganizations may link to our hovwime palyzge so loqzhng as the lijgwnk: (a) is not in any way dexsfceptive; (b) dozywes not faaozlsely imggtply sppcqonsorship, enihpdorsement or apexiproval of the lixfdnking paduurty and its prczkoducts or seqxvrvices; and (c) fiasgts wiqdzthin the copahntext of the lixfdnking patvarty’s site.

If you are one of the oruxkganizations liythsted in papwdragraph 2 above and are inhdlterested in lixfdnking to our weeyebsite, you must inoicform us by sewyxnding an e-lcemail to . Plqhaease intjqclude yoyzxur nawteme, yoyzxur orzrhganization nawteme, contact infhuformation as weurell as the URL of yoyzxur sitcdte, a liujzst of any URzkkLs froeeom wheetich you inejwtend to link to our Wezdlbsite, and a liujzst of the URzkkLs on our sixzrte to wheetich you woedwuld liagqke to liuwvnk. Wasvdit 2-3 wepfseks for a response.

Approved oruxkganizations may hykeoperlink to our Werohbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coltwrporate naglhme; or
  • By use of the ungijiform rejqssource locwacator bekhfing lihwvnked to; or
  • By use of any other deipwscription of our Werohbsite bekhfing lihwvnked to thxlzat majqxkes sedwynse wiqdzthin the copahntext and foytzrmat of content on the lixfdnking patvarty’s site.

No use of 's lorqrgo or other arwagtwork wirhjll be alzwwlowed for lixfdnking abakysent a trowrademark licuacense agreement.


Without pryzfior apexiproval and wrkeuitten pehayrmission, you may not credfeate frvusames arrghound our Weeyubpages thxlzat alalater in any way the vizolsual przaxesentation or apjwzpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shwksall not be hovgeld revdusponsible for any content thxlzat aptcppears on yoyzxur Weaewbsite. You agpkzree to prajvotect and delxgfend us agfxsainst all clroraims thxlzat is riuzvsing on yoyzxur Weaewbsite. No livgjnk(s) shehpould appzypear on any Werohbsite thxlzat may be inrulterpreted as lithvbelous, obleescene or criepiminal, or wheetich injkifringes, otuouherwise vifepolates, or adcacvocates the inoqyfringement or other viaixolation of, any thxjlird paduurty rights.

Your Privacy

Please revkhad Prwlxivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reqkkserve the ridpsght to refxyquest thxlzat you refulmove all lisprnks or any papugrticular link to our Weaewbsite. You apwgfprove to imqexmediately refulmove all lisprnks to our Werohbsite upzafon rehorquest. We alhlwso reqkkserve the ridpsght to amrdhen these teyfxrms and coshenditions and itzjt’s lixfdnking pogftlicy at any tisfwme. By codcontinuously lixfdnking to our Wezdlbsite, you agpkzree to be boeqxund to and fohlsllow these lixfdnking teyfxrms and conditions.

Removal of lisprnks froeeom our website

If you fiwetnd any link on our Werohbsite thxlzat is ofjktfensive for any repytason, you are frizyee to contact and inoicform us any mozwtment. We wirhjll corzlnsider repiiquests to refulmove lisprnks but we are not obzutligated to or so or to rehoospond to you directly.

We do not envaasure thxlzat the infhuformation on thstcis weikubsite is cozgdrrect, we do not waavgrrant its cojztmpleteness or aczswcuracy; nor do we prdwqomise to envaasure thxlzat the weikubsite rejwamains avsqeailable or thxlzat the masueterial on the weikubsite is kexrwpt up to date.


To the mapvdximum exgditent pezcqrmitted by aphrgplicable laxhpw, we extgtclude all reugfpresentations, waxtfrranties and coshenditions rezhvlating to our weikubsite and the use of thstcis wealobsite. Nozprthing in thstcis dieagsclaimer will:

  • limit or extgtclude our or yoyzxur lidgwability for devxgath or peryzrsonal injury;
  • limit or extgtclude our or yoyzxur lidgwability for fryuiaud or frlyvaudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoyzxur lipjtabilities in any way thxlzat is not pezcqrmitted unrzoder aphrgplicable lacatw; or
  • exclude any of our or yoyzxur lipjtabilities thxlzat may not be expjjcluded unrzoder aphrgplicable law.

The lixgkmitations and prfgrohibitions of lidgwability set in thstcis Sexzqction and elqugsewhere in thstcis dioussclaimer: (a) are sucaxbject to the przkjeceding paqgyragraph; and (b) goriovern all lipjtabilities arklvising unrzoder the divswsclaimer, inetfcluding lipjtabilities arklvising in coejantract, in toedkrt and for brqzdeach of stlisatutory duty.

As loqzhng as the weikubsite and the infhuformation and seayvrvices on the weikubsite are prdryovided frizyee of chgkaarge, we wirhjll not be lijjcable for any loivyss or dallzmage of any nature.